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24 Days Of Culture & Fun In 7 Countries

Are the Balkans on your radar? If you’re up for a good dose of multicultural rail travel across this often overlooked central-southeast corner of Europe – we’ve got your trip! 

Twelve lucky solo travellers will experience this trip that we spent months fine-tuning, so you can experience the Balkans region in a way that most people will not. Mind you, we have a bit of insider intel on this one, as we have four team members who live in that part of the world. That’s right – half of our team is based in the Balkans… so you know this will be special.

In 24 days you’ll get on nine different trains and make six country border crossings. Explore the capital cities and rural hinterlands. Marvel at nature in colour you may not have experienced until now, from forested mountains, canyons, rivers and sea as you migrate through Mediterranean, continental and alpine terrains

Most importantly, we hope you feel the warm hospitality that the region is so known for wherever you go, and of equal importance, immense enjoyment through the tastes of regional cuisine. All of this is waiting for you!


Travel by train and explore 7 Balkan countries!

Wander the UNESCO ‘old town’ of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Explore Tara National Park by Steam Train, Serbia.

Visit the offbeat Artisan town of Peja, Kosovo.

Relax by the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.

Experience the art of truffle hunting in Croatia.

Explore Skopje and the Matka Canyon by boat, North Macedonia.

Marvel at the Fairytale Views of Lake Bled, Slovenia.

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$14,095 AUD (per person – private supplement only)

  • $2,150 AUD deposit.
  • 2 week cooling off period applies.
  • Lifetime Deposit. If you need to cancel, your deposit is transferable to other trips.
  • Tip Kitty (See FAQs for more details).

Please refer to our payment terms in the FAQs.


Starts: Skopje, North Macedonia, 20 July 2024

Ends: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 12 August 2024


24 days / 23 nights


Solun Hotel, Skopje, North Macedonia


City Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia

Group Size



  • Airport transfers
  • Transport: all trains, private vehicles
  • Same English-speaking trip leader for the entire tour, with local guides who speak the language in each destination!
  • All meals
  • Bottled water for the entire duration of the tour
  • All listed activities and entrance fees, and accommodation

Not Included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Any visas required
  • Late check-outs at hotels
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Drinks with included lunches and dinners
  • Tip kitty
  • Personal expenditure


Your Fencox accommodation means having a private room, all to yourself – every single time.

Day 1: Welcome to Skopje: North Macedonia 🇲🇰

Welcome to Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia! You’re about to kick off a surreal cultural adventure by rail, weaving your way north through seven countries to explore this little corner of south-east Europe – and if you’ve not been to the Balkans region, it will be nothing like you would have imagined!

A friendly face will pick you up from the Skopje airport and get you to your hotel. Tonight, enjoy the welcome vibe of your first Balkan-style dinner with your tour leader and your new travel mates.

Please note! Something we need to clarify upfront – you will not go hungry in the Balkans… it’s just how it is!

Accommodation: Solun Hotel or similar, Skopje – North Macedonia

Included: Dinner

DAY 2: Explore Skopje

Time to get to know Skopje. Enjoy your first breakfast together before taking a leisurely stroll around this rather surprising city, where you’ll discover a mash-up of ancient civilisations and ethnicities, all fitting in rather harmoniously. 

Did you know that Skopje happens to be the birthplace of a rather special Albanian woman… a Catholic nun famously known as Saint Mother Teresa? 

This afternoon, we’ll venture out of Skopje’s Metropol and spend time in nature on a trip to the nearby Matka Canyon. ‘Wow’ away at this unexpected beauty as you take a boat ride down the river to your lunch destination.

Accommodation: Solun Hotel or similar, Skopje – North Macedonia

Included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

DAY 3: Prishtina to Peja by Train: Kosovo 🇽🇰

Bye-bye North Macedonia and hello Kosovo… the world’s youngest country! A cheeky private transfer takes you up north to Pristina railway station after breakfast. Here, you’ll store your luggage as our local guide shows you the sights that made history around the Kosovar capital city. As Pristina is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, expect a quirky mix of architectures and monuments, including new art installations acknowledging the birth of the small nation. 

Note! In Albanian, Pristina is written as ‘Prishtina’. The Kosovar city is home to the second-largest Albanian population outside of Tirana (Albania’s capital). 

If you’re feeling a tad peckish, now would be a good time to grab some lunch… before your very first train ride of this trip! Woohoo! The afternoon plan is to get yourself on board the 2-hour train ride and head west from Pristina to Peja. Relax a little after your 18:30 arrival before heading out with your fellow travellers to a much-anticipated Balkan-style dinner and, perhaps, a glass of Albanian beer or wine.

Accommodation: Seraphine Plaza or similar, Peja – Kosovo

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 4: Offbeat Peja

You won’t find Peja on too many travel itineraries – and we love that! That’s what makes it more appealing in our opinion, and we’re sure you’ll agree. It’s a ‘green’ city of open space and parklands, encircled by mountains, cave-filled gorges, lakes and a little-visited waterfall. It still carries the architectural reminders of its Ottoman rulers – many buildings, artisan workshops and landmarks like the old central bazaar, Bajrakli mosque and hammam (traditional Turkish baths)… plus a couple more secrets to discover!

Your guide will have you exploring the must-see city sights this morning, leaving your afternoon free to check out local museums, wander around in search of unusual souvenirs, hunt down more delicious food (ask your guide for tips)… or however, you wish to spend it! 

Accommodation: Seraphine Plaza or similar, Peja – Kosovo

Included: Breakfast

DAY 5: Stari Bar: Montenegro 🇲🇪

It’s day 5 of the trip and things are just starting to warm up. Which means, this morning you’re leaving Peja behind and heading off to the Adriatic seaside! That’s right, you’ll make your way southwest in a private vehicle that will take you to Bar, Montenegro – one of Europe’s smallest countries – by the afternoon. Time to have a leg stretch and a lunch stop somewhere. 

Soak up the green, forested, hilly scenes interspersed with red-topped rural houses along the way… these are the kind of memories that will hit you time and again… long after the trip is over. Once your driver passes through Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital, and over Skadar Lake (a national park) you can get excited because it’s not long to go now! 

When you arrive in Stari Bar (Old Town ‘Bar’), get yourself comfortable, as you’ll be spending the next two nights here in an ‘old-school’ guesthouse of very distinct Balkan architecture. Stari Bar is one of the oldest towns in Montenegro, originating as a hilltop fortress over a millennia ago. For dinner, hit the hotel’s traditional-styled restaurant with its authentic regional cuisine for the full local dining effect.

Accommodation: Kula Boutique Guesthouse or similar, Stari Bar – Montenegro

Included: Lunch & dinner

DAY 6: Beach Day in Novi Bar

Today is basically yours to do as you please… so enjoy a free day before tomorrow’s long train ride. After breakfast, the seaside town of Novi Bar (New Town ‘Bar’) is surely calling out to you. With Stari Bar being 4 km inland, our driver will be at-the-ready to give you a lift. Hit the beach, snap some amazing photos and take a swim in the appealing turquoise tones of the Adriatic Sea… It’s pretty hard to resist. Try out a few words you’ve learned in Montenegrin at the local coffee bars and say ‘hi’ to the locals – they’re super friendly!  

Accommodation: Kula Boutique Guesthouse or similar, Stari Bar – Montenegro

Included: Breakfast

DAY 7: Bar to Uzice by Train: Serbia 🇷🇸

You’re going to remember this day for a very long time, long after this trip ends. Get ready for one of the most exciting train trips in Europe! No doubt one of the rail highlights of the entire trip – and one of the ‘famous’ routes shown to rail enthusiasts by Chris Tarrant.

This line runs between Bar and Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, normally taking 11 hours. Today, however, you’ll get off 3 hours earlier at Uzice and spend a couple of nights in the mountains of Zlatibor Nature Park. But more about that later!

We’ve got you on the daytime train for a very good reason – despite being a long ride, it is ridiculously scenic and you’ll pass briefly through Bosnia and Herzegovina along the way. The curvaceous journey will cross more than 435 bridges above steep gorges and pass through 254 tunnels – you will surely marvel at the feat of workmanship that lasted more than 20 years in the making!

You’ll conclude your day with a well-earned traditional dinner in one of our favourite local restaurants, a perfect time to muse over the incredible pics you’ve captured along the way.

Accommodation: Mona Plaza or similar, Zlatibor – Serbia

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 8: Tara National Park by Steam Train

Rail and nature lovers, get ready for a magical day with a ride on the heritage Sargan 8 railway through the jaw-dropping beauty of Tara National Park in western Serbia. ‘Fairy tale vibes’ is the only way to describe this. 

Taking off from the dreamy little village of Mokra Gora,  the ingenuity of the railway construction is proudly on show as the train chugs its way around the mountain taking you over five large bridges, gorgeous ravines, rivers and gorges. 

The 15-kilometre, narrow-gauge track winds its way around the mountain in a figure-of-eight-like shape – hence the name Sargan 8 – to climb a 300-metre steep incline that would otherwise be a mere 3.5 kilometres as the crow flies. Its 22 tunnels, incredibly, are carved through solid rock.

Accommodation: Mona Plaza or similar, Zlatibor – Serbia

Included: Breakfast

DAY 9: Uzice to Belgrade by Train

A change of scenery today! After breakfast, wave goodbye to Uzice as you board the train to Belgrade, enjoying the last rural landscape views before they fade into the urban cityscape of Serbia’s capital. Your local guide will acquaint you with Belgrade this afternoon, as you soak up the local vibe and enjoy what this hospitable and entertaining city does best – looking after its guests.

Tonight, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable group dinner in the bohemian Skadarlija district, one of Belgrade’s oldest, most charming streets. It may be a bit touristy, but trust us, you are going to love this! Skadarlija was once a gathering place for artists, the arts and the entertainment scene, It now thrives via antique shops, art galleries, cafes and bars with live music and its renowned, traditional restaurants. 

Accommodation: Mona Plaza or similar, Belgrade – Serbia

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 10: Belgrade: Free day

Hard to believe, but you’ve been on the go for nine days already. You’ve explored four countries, with three more to go! This is your first chance to relax and chill out since your beach day in Bar. Use the day exactly as you wish… perhaps a sleep-in with a late breakfast. Stroll around the city and explore its museums, Kalemegdan and other parks… maybe a fortress. And, more tasty food to discover whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian. Don’t forget to hit up your guide for some good tips.

Accommodation: Mona Plaza or similar, Belgrade – Serbia

Included: Breakfast 

DAY 11: Sremski Karlovci to Novi Sad by Train

Let’s get going again. We wanted you to amble out of Belgrade on ‘Romantika’ – a sweet train still decked out in its vintage décor, but she’s been hauled off the rails for 2024! So, we’ll pop by to see her where she’s garaged on a short excursion on Day 10 – then take a commuter train to Sremski Karlovci on Day 11 instead! This cultural town is also famous for its wine cellars. Let your guide give you some insights into the local history before you break for lunch nearby.

(Now, on the topic of lunch – we are just dying to leak the details here…it’s so special… but we’ll very reluctantly leave it as a surprise – you’ll appreciate it all the more and thank us for it later!)

Only thing left to do now is hop on another train, bound for the beautiful city of Novi Sad, where you’ll be introduced to the Novi Sad hilltop fortress (nicknamed ‘Gibraltar of the Danube’) by your guide, and then the rest of the evening is yours to explore this absolute stunner of a city.

Accommodation: Garni Hotel Ami or similar, Novi Sad – Serbia

Included: Breakfast & lunch

DAY 12: Novi Sad to Sarajevo: Bosnia & Herzegovina 🇧🇦

A train-free day to get from Novi Sad to Sarajevo. It’s a bit of a drive (around 6 hours), but you’ll stop for lunch in the Bosnian river town of Zvornik – a busy trades and crafts town back in the Middle Ages.

In this instance, there’s no international rail border crossing. The reason being, the rail infrastructure built in this region during the communist era of former Yugoslavia was strategically destroyed, as some rail lines were, during the war of the 1990s.)

Continue on your journey… and finally, you’ll get to hear: “Welcome to Sarajevo!” 

Ah, Sarajevo! Your home away from home. A true melting pot of cultures and old-world religions, and none are prouder of this than the locals – probably the most hospitable people you’ll ever meet. Being at the crossroads of Continental Europe and the old Ottoman Empire has earned Bosnia’s kind and tolerant capital the apt nickname of “Europe’s Jerusalem”. 

Tonight, kill your hunger with a long-awaited dinner, with the group, at one of our favourite local restaurants. 

Accommodation: Hotel Holiday or similar, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner


DAY 13: Sarajevo

Today is all about Sarajevo, Bosnia. Your guide will show you around the famous Bascarsija, the city’s historic centre filled with old architecture and the alluring scents of grilled cevapi, freshly baked burek and Bosnian coffee. Mouth. Watering. 

A slightly more sombre visit to the ‘Tunnel of Hope’, constructed during the period that Sarajevo was under siege for 1,425 days. Now, incredibly, operating as a private museum, you’ll learn of the vital role it served during the 1990s war.

This evening, learn how to prepare a traditional Bosnian meal and enjoy a home-cooked dinner in a local house in the Sarajevo hills. 

Accommodation: Hotel Holiday or similar, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 14: Sarajevo to Mostar by Train

Sadly, you’ll be leaving Sarajevo behind as you take a bright and early train ride to Mostar, Herzegovina – one that’s very worth it. Winding its way around little hillside villages through the scenic Neretva river canyon, this is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful train rides. Once you’ve done it you’ll understand why. 

If you’re like most, you’ll fall totally in love with Mostar Old Town, a UNESCO-protected zone with its landmark bridge framing the intense blue waters of the Neretva River below. An eclectic mix of Mediterranean and continental vibes, the banks on either side are a hive of activity amongst the coffee houses and ethnic crafts stalls. 

With a bit of luck, you’ll observe the local tradition of young men diving 24 metres from the top of the bridge. Get a lesson in making Bosnian coffee in a traditional coffee house and enjoy more delicious Balkan goodies for lunch. 

Tonight will be spent in an authentic guest house in the UNESCO heritage Old Town – just wait until you see it… you’re going to fall in love with this one as well! Sweet dreams.

Accommodation: Kriva Cuprija Hotel or similar, Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Included: Breakfast & lunch

DAY 15: Split: Croatia 🇭🇷

The time has come to get yourself down to the Croatian Adriatic. Your destination today will be the port city of Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, the unofficial ‘capital’ of Dalmatia… and more famously, the retirement home of a Dalmatian-born Ilyrian who went on to become the Roman Emperor Diocletian, back in the 4th century AD. But first, a couple of cool stops along the way to enjoy some of nature’s stunners before heading out of Herzegovina. 

Once you cross the border into Croatia your first stop is the coastal town of Omis. Now, just a heads’ up… there’s nothing that can prepare you for the beauty you’re about to see, from the karst mountain tops, down to where the emerald Cetina river flowers into the Adriatic – with the most insane views along the way. Your mouth will constantly be opening along with a ‘WOW’.

Accommodation: Jupiter Hotel or similar, Split – Croatia

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 16: Split

Your first night was spent smack-bang in the midst of the ancient UNESCO city of Split, only a stone’s throw from the magical, palm-lined riva overlooking the port towards the ferry terminals. 

Right after breakfast, your guide will get you an up-close-and-personal view of Diocletian’s palace, the first-ever Roman Emperor who survived long enough to retire and later died of natural causes! Ironically, he never actually liked Rome and only ever visited it once. 

Enjoy your free afternoon to explore the narrow streets and corners of the Old City, or the Riva as you wish, and observe the locals enjoying their hours-long coffee catch-ups or going about their day! 

Accommodation: Jupiter Hotel or similar, Split – Croatia

Included: Breakfast

DAY 17: Day Trip to Hvar Island

Of all the days you’ll want to finish breakfast in a hurry, this is it. 

This morning you’ll sail on a catamaran over to Hvar (ancient Pharos). Your first sighting of the heavenly Dalmatian islands is a real ‘pinch me’ moment… Seriously, you’ll be convinced you’re dreaming. Explore the secret nooks and crannies of Hvar old town, and if you’re feeling up to it, you can walk up to the Spanjola fortress for some killer views across the Adriatic and the Croatian islands. You’ll enjoy a leisurely group lunch like a true hedonist today on Hvar.

Accommodation: Jupiter Hotel or similar, Split – Croatia

Included: Breakfast & lunch

DAY 18: Split to Zagreb by Train

It’s now Day 18 – less than a week to go – and chances are, you might want to skip the rest of the tour and hang out in Split – but don’t! There’s so much more in front of you to be experienced. An 8am departure by inter-county commuter rail from Split will have you travelling along the coast, through the rural Dalmatian hinterland and across the mountainous beauty of Lika before arriving in Zagreb, around 3pm. 

Nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’, the Croatian capital may actually surprise you! The modern Old Town has medieval origins, but also many stunning architectural examples from its days in the Austro-Hungarian empire, and hundreds of green parks and gardens. Your local guide will show off the sights to you in the late afternoon.

Accommodation: Westin Hotel or similar, Zagreb – Croatia

Included: Breakfast & dinner

DAY 19: Zagreb

Sleep in this morning if you wish, or go out for a relaxing stroll. You’ll pick up on the Zagreb city vibe by now… a city so chill it’s got village feels. 

By now, you’ve well and truly noticed that wherever you go in the Balkans it seems like everyone is on a day-long coffee break, and you might be wondering whether anyone actually works! That’s just how they roll 😄

Get your wine taste buds ready for an afternoon in the vineyards of Zagreb’s hilly wine region, rounded out with a traditional, local lunch. 

Accommodation: Westin Hotel or similar, Zagreb – Croatia

Included: Breakfast & lunch

DAY 20: Opatija

Back on a train this morning as you farewell Zagreb and head to Croatia’s industrial seaport and third-largest city – Rijeka. A short transfer and you’re in Opatija, a seaside town oozing with such charm that it feels like you’ve time-travelled back to the Habsburg era.

Opatija is the town that kicked off tourism in Croatia, with the first tourist hotel built there in 1844 and Austro-Hungarian royalty declaring it a climatic seaside resort not long after. If you don’t feel like resting just yet, you can stroll along the famous Lungomare promenade to absorb the atmosphere and inhale that fresh sea air. 

Opatija is right on Istria’s doorstep – sometimes referred to as ‘Croatia’s Tuscany’, and home to several regional gastronomic delicacies, including an abundance of truffles.

Accommodation: Hotel Gardenija or similar, Opatija – Croatia

Included: Breakfast

DAY 21: Motovun to Bled: Slovenia 🇸🇮

Your stay in Opatija was short and sweet, so after breakfast it’s time to move on… with a private transfer to Motovun in the heart of Istria. After a short visit to this idyllic medieval hilltop town, get ready to hunt for underground treasure… the prized local black truffle (you saw that coming, right?) Enjoy a truffle brunch washed down with a local wine. 

Now it’s time to leave Croatia behind, crossing the border to Slovenia – our final country of the trip. From Nova Gorica you’ll catch a scenic train through the jewel of nature that is Soca valley. The terrain is starting to resemble more of an alpine-like appearance, and the colours of the Soca River, Lake Bled and all the surroundings will seem totally surreal. Forget what you’ve seen in photos, that will pale into insignificance compared to what you are witnessing right now. And with two nights in Bled, you have enough time to soak it up.

Accommodation: Hotel Lovec or similar, Bled – Slovenia

Included: Breakfast & Brunch

DAY 22: Bled

Feeling a bit contemplative today? You’ve woken up and still can’t believe where you are! It could be because the scenery has taken your breath away… or that you know the trip is drawing to an end. 

A morning stroll around the dreamy fairytale of Lake Bled is calling out to you, then take the rest of the day at your leisure. Maybe explore some more… or maybe gather the rest of the crew, who are well and truly like family by now, and try out the local signature sweet ‘kremsnite’ (similar to our vanilla slice). You’re gonna love it!

Accommodation: Hotel Lovec or similar, Bled – Slovenia

Included: Breakfast

DAY 23: Ljubljana

Sadly, this is your last full day of the trip. But there’s still some more action to be had! Catch the morning train from Bled to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. You’ll walk the city with your guide, while having the feeling you could almost be somewhere in Austria. 

For the trip finale, you’ll ride the funicular up to Ljubljana castle where you’ll enjoy one very special, farewell dinner, reflecting on all that you’ve seen, done and enjoyed together with your travel mates.

Accommodation: City Hotel or similar, Ljubljana – Slovenia

Included: Breakfast & dinner


Hard to believe that today it’s ending! Taking those last-minute pics and swapping emails with the group, reluctantly bidding farewell to each other. Consider this on your departure from Ljubljana – after a traditional Balkan breakfast of course! You’ve seen all the layers of the Balkans in its diversities and various influences, from the Roman and Ottoman Empires, the Venetian Republic and Austro-Hungarian rulers – right through to a blend of modern European culture. Cheers to a memorable trip, a memorable time and a memorable group!

Included: Breakfast

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All activities are optional, meaning that if you don’t feel like it, you can skip it but it will be impossible to enjoy your trip if you’re not able to do a walking tour for a full afternoon. Unfortunately, this tour cannot accommodate people requiring walking aids.

Fencox was created because we had so many enquiries from men and women who had heard about our amazing Patch Adventures trips for women-only and wanted the opportunity to travel solo in the same way, only in a mixed group.

Fencox caters to both men and women who are solo travellers, have a genuine sense of adventure, are aged 55+, and are physically active and young at heart. Your fellow travel mates on a Fencox trip are inquisitive about the world and love exploring new travel destinations. Fencox travel mates love meeting new people, enjoy a good chat, and are happy to share a table with fellow travel mates for dinner.

If you’re travelling solo but don’t want to feel alone, this is your opportunity to share your travel experiences with other like-minded people. And best of all …. you’ll never pay a single supplement because everyone is guaranteed their own room!

There are several code share flights departing Australia and New Zealand for Skopje in Northern Macedonia and flying via SE Asia, Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, or Frankfurt. Similar routes are available for the return trip from Ljubljana in Slovenia. That’s an exotic list of locations if you fancy a layover to break the journey!

Being tour operators (not travel agents), we are not licensed to sell flights. We recommend contacting your trusted local travel agent to book flights if you’re in need of assistance.

The Arrival airport is Skopje Airport. The baggage allowance is 23 kg. The regulation also specifies the maximum permitted dimensions for hand luggage (56 x 45 x 25 cm).

Aussies and Kiwis can enter all the countries listed in the itinerary, Visa-free.

The weather in July and August is very warm with an average temperature from 17°C to 35°C. While days are hot, evenings are balmy. Even though these are pretty dry months, expect occasional light rain.

Most of our trips have a tip kitty because many cultures have interesting and diverse rules when it comes to tips. We’ve found it to be the easiest way to combat over-tipping, under-tipping, or having the tip fall into the wrong hands. Our goal is for our guests to relax and know that the complexities of tipping are taken care of, on their behalf.

For your Balkans Rail adventure, we ask your contribution be: €100 Euro on Day 1. The kitty will be managed by your guide and distributed along the way for included meals, hotel staff and other services. What is not covered is a customary tip at the end of the trip for your guide. If they’ve ensured that your trip is memorable,  we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Guide: €120 to €170 per person at the end of the trip.

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