Who Are Fencox

We are some of Australia’s most experienced – and enthusiastic – travel experts! Our team has decades of travel stories between them and they really know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of immersive, around-the-world, off-the-beaten-path travel.

It’s this experience that tells us: shared travels with a smaller group of like-minded folk,  your own comfortable room to sleep in and the use of knowledgeable, local guides only is the way to go.  We do all the heavy lifting, you simply do what you came here to do: dive in deep – and enjoy!

By the way, it seems we do have a special kind of superpower. We’ve already established a number of successful travel brands, including our women-only Patch Adventures – the main reason Fencox came into being. Our itineraries are catching the attention of like-minded solo travellers like you (and us). We just have that knack for being able to feel out trips our Fencoxers will love.

Meet Our Team

Lou – Bookings & Ops

LOUISE, but call her LOU – comes from a travel-happy family and caught the travel bug early on. 

Among her own friendship group, the timing of raising kids varied, which meant that Lou kicked off her solo travel adventures well ahead of the others.

And, she kept at it: “Six months turned into six years!” Plan A was to travel to Thailand and Vietnam… 18 months later she’s still in Phuket!

Next came London as home base for travel to Morocco, Iceland, Finland and Borneo. Lou has since seen most of Asia, Europe, UK and Scandinavia, and lived in Bali and Singapore.

Mat – Founder

MATTHEW, but call him MAT – our CEO and Founder of Fencox, knows a couple of things about travel

Just a couple! He’s founded businesses that service the industry, including a number of travel brands, and you never know what else might pop up down the track! 

Before all of that, Mat was… let’s say, a serial traveller. Mat has travelled to most continents, beginning as a youngster with his folks. 

In his solo-traveller days, he recounts one time he literally booked a same-day flight online, drove himself to the airport in the nick of time and flew to Bali, because he “felt like it.”

Mat has’ solo travel’ to thank for meeting his gorgeous wife Rebeca, over in South America, where he lived for a number of years – also picking up fluent Spanish.

Meet Our Guides

Vahid – Iran Guide

“Iran is a must for adventurous travellers”, says Vahid – one of our Iran guides. He’s been leading trips for over 15 years. When you meet him in person you’ll see he’s made for it! Vahid loves meeting different people from across the world and connecting through conversations. 

He’s been leading groups to Europe, but it’s his sweet spot for his native Iran that does it for us. He loves that Iran responds to pretty much all tastes, and he’s very proud that the most frequent feedback he hears from travellers is how different (in the best possible way) Iranian hospitality feels to other places they’ve been. 

Vahid has a background in architectural engineering, with interests in photography and (watching) movies.

Umid – The Stans Guide 

Umid has been a trip leader for almost 20 years. As a local guide on the Uzbekistan-Tajikistan portion of our Silk Road trip, he “loves exploring the Stans, the cradle of civilisations”.

He may have a background in economics and languages, but his passion for history runs deep! For Umid, it’s always an endless quest for knowledge about the region’s narratives and cultural heritage. He wants to ensure you’ll have a memorable trip.

When he’s not leading trips through the enchanting Silk Road destinations – definitely his specialty – you’ll find him fishing, gardening or just embracing the peace and quiet of nature. 

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