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Your Fencox travel mates are also solo travellers who might be: single, in a relationship but whose partner doesn’t share their travel interests, or friends that you travel with but you all still want your own rooms.

The perfect Fencox Travel mate has a great sense of humour, is flexible, adventurous, fit and enjoys walking – just like you! More often than not, they tend to see the bright side of life, enjoy meeting new people, are stimulated by interesting conversation and are easy to get along with. They love the cultural aspect of travel, combined with a little of the local history and giving local foodie and any other experiences a go!

We realise there are thousands of solo travellers out over the age of 75 who can run rings around a 50-year-old, but in line with our company policy, if you are aged over 75 you’ll need a ‘fit to travel’ clearance from your health professional.

We mostly have single people (without partners) join us, but we also know that travellers with partners sometimes like to travel solo too, for any number of reasons. When you book one of our trips you have the comfort of knowing that your fellow travel mates have also booked as solo travellers.

We know some people hear ‘solo’ or ‘single’ and think ‘dating’ – but that’s not us. While it’s absolutely possible you may find your perfect partner on one of our trips, however if it’s your main goal, our trips are probably the wrong fit for you.

Yes! We understand how important it is for you to have your own space, so you’ll always have a twin or double room to yourself. Never pay a private supplement with Fencox – that’s really what we’re all about!

Yes! Whilst we’re focused on getting you deep into the core of a destination and our itineraries are jam-packed with amazing local experiences and activities, we understand the need for free time and have included this in our itineraries as well.

Most of your travel mates are between the ages of 50 and 70, but we get bookings from people a little younger and a little older. We believe age is just a number, and provided you are fit with no mobility issues, you have a mature soul but are young at heart – you’d make a great travel mate.

We will never have more than 12 on a trip. A small group size means a more personalised service and it makes for a better, more memorable and more authentic experience. We also generally have the same guide throughout rather than a different guide in each city, which means you really get to know them! Small group sizes mean we can stay at nicer boutique hotels that are in excellent locations.

We like to think of it as friends around a dinner table, and we believe 12 is the perfect number!

Yes, if you have a group of up to 12 mates that would like to travel together, we can arrange a perfect itinerary for your group. Just check in with one of our awesome bookings managers, and let’s chat about your preferred destination. Please keep in mind though, that you’ll all have your own room – there’s no room-sharing on a Fencox adventure.

Note: all pricing on our website is based on groups of 12 people. Costs will vary for smaller numbers, but please keep in mind that a guide’s salary does not vary with trip numbers. This means that the per person price for a smaller group might be significantly higher.

Breakfast is always included and most other meals are included. We list all meals that are included on the itineraries. You will never go hungry on a Fencox adventure!

One of the best things about your solo travel mates, is that others in the group are also keen to find a dinner or lunch buddy, and you can seek out options together. So good!
And don’t forget to hit your tour guide up for local tips of where to eat.

No. Unless specifically mentioned (such as domestic flights within a trip), airfares are not included. We are more than happy to assist with general information about airlines, flights and days best suited to your trip. You will need to book your own flights, and often, going to a reputable travel agent is recommended.

As much as possible, activities are included in your trip price. There may be an occasion where an optional activity is offered, eg: a hot air balloon ride, and these additional add-ons will be priced as reasonably as possible. There will always be alternatives available if you are not keen to take part in an optional activity.

As Aussies and Kiwis, we don’t really have that culture of tipping, however it’s part of the tourism industry and it’s here to stay. Tipping is normal in many parts of the world, often people even rely on it as part of their income – quite different to Australia/NZ where tipping is completely optional.

For some of our own destinations, it makes up a part of the teams’ wages or supplements a very low wage. We respect the tipping culture of each of our destinations and set our tipping practice based on each destination’s standard. This is why for each trip, there is a trip kitty with a recommended amount. This is given to the guide at the beginning of your trip, who then manages all the tips from there on.

We will advise on the trip kitty currencies in our comprehensive trip notes.

Now this is something we’re very fussy about. We’ll choose comfortable hotels in the best locations possible. We opt for smaller, boutique-type accommodation where we can, as opposed to large chain hotels. We typically use hotels that are the equivalent of 3-4 stars, and you’ll usually have your own private en-suite bathroom. Occasionally, where we want to get off-the-beaten-track we may stay in more basic accommodations.

Patch Adventures is indeed our sister brand, and in many ways is the main catalyst for the launch of Fencox Travel! We do pay attention to our customers, and let’s just say a need for mixed-gender solo travels became quite apparent!

Begin by getting in touch with us. Once you’ve decided the trip is for you, you’ll pay a deposit to confirm your spot. Payments are paid via bank deposit or secure credit card link. Maximum group size is 12.

Fencox Travel has been thought of with the solo traveller in mind; for those tired of waiting for that friend or relative to be travel-ready and who wants their own space and the comfort and privacy of their own room – but also seeks the company of a small group of other like-minded travellers. We think of it as: enjoy travelling solo, but never feel ‘alone’.

A welcome dinner is always included, so you will be able to break the ice and get to know your fellow travel mates the evening before your trip starts.

Fencox Travel is perfect for men and women who are keen to travel solo, but not alone. Fencox adventurers are curious about the world, love having lots of different experiences, enjoy interacting with other cultures and are great travel buddies.

The trips’ destinations seem to have the biggest influence on determining the ratio of women to men. Current travel industry trends show that more women are choosing to travel solo, and we see this in our bookings too.

In terms of gender balance, our trips are open to both men and women. We don’t have a fixed amount of spots for one gender or the other, as our guests tell us that the destination and the opportunity to travel with a social bunch of solo travellers are the biggest draw cards. That being said, we are aiming for a good mix of ages and genders on each trip.

We do embrace the spirit of ‘solo travel’ and love the idea of 12 solo travel mates coming together to enjoy these amazing adventures. But yes, we can welcome a maximum of two friends travelling together, however, you’ll both have your own room.

We can’t cater for couples (dating or married). Unfortunately, our solo trips are not the right fit for you. But please feel free to tell your single friends all about us.

Nearly all of our trips book out very quickly, so we rarely need to address this! However, we do need a minimum of eight people for a trip to be guaranteed.

Breakfast is always included, and your travel mates are more than likely going to be sitting around together over chats about what they are looking forward to that day. In the evenings, there’s nothing better than reliving the experiences together over a drink and dinner. Where possible, we will always aim for one table that fits12 so everyone can be included.

Although we can cater for vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, some allergies (such as nuts) and on occasion, other dietary requirements, it can mean your choices are restricted. Some destinations may not be suitable depending on your requirements, so please do check with us.

Yes, one of our Fencox Travel team members will greet you at the airport with a friendly face and transfer you to the first hotel. Return airport transfers are also included and can be scheduled anytime after the end of your trip, provided you are staying at the same hotel.

Yes – it is a condition of your booking that you are comprehensively insured when travelling with us. We will take you through that during the booking process.

Some of our destinations do require you to obtain a travel visa. Our comprehensive trip notes will advise whether a visa is required for your destination, how to apply for a visa and whether we will organise the visa for you.

Yes, for sure! We can arrange extra nights for you in the hotels we use at the start or end of your trip if you’d like. Once you’ve booked your flights, send us your flight schedule and we will book the extra nights you’re after.

We do always suggest you arrive earlier than your trip start date, so that you’ll have some time contingency up your sleeve for flight delays and any jet lag.

Get ready for an adventure where all women and men, including our LGBTQI friends, are celebrated! At FENCOX, we’re all about diversity, creating small-group tours that bring together incredible people to experience off-the-beaten-path places around the globe.

For this reason, it’s important for our guests to be aware of the local laws and customs in the destinations we visit as some countries have laws that discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people. We recommend you visit Equaldex and/or Smartraveller before you choose a trip for up-to-date advice and information about LGBTQIA-related laws.

As a tour company for groups of 12 women and men, we book travellers solely based on the gender info in their passports to make sure everyone’s journey with us is smooth and secure( as individuals, in a group, and as roomies. If you identify differently from the gender marker on your passport, please let us know in advance and we’ll suggest a tour that would best suit your needs!

Imagine small groups, big connections, and a vibe that’s all about camaraderie, exploration, and empowerment… We’re about building friendships and unity among women and men from various backgrounds. We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, violence (verbal or physical), or sexual harassment, whether it occurs among fellow travellers or involves our leaders, partners, or local individuals.

If you experience any inappropriate behaviour during your travels with us, kindly bring it to the immediate attention of your tour leader or local guide. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment throughout your journey.

You might do. It does depend on the countries you are visiting. We always advise you to speak with your health professional for any vaccination advice.

Fencox Travel does not require proof of vaccination to travel. However, we are bound by the laws and regulations of the countries we travel to, and because of this, some trips may require proof of vaccination and/or mandatory covid testing.

What happens if someone shows symptoms of COVID-19 on the trip?

If a guest feels unwell during the trip, the Trip Leader will request that they take a COVID-19 test. Depending on local regulations, the guest may choose between a PCR (when available) or a RAT.

If the test is COVID-19 positive, the guest will be required to isolate, and they will be cared for separately from the group. Fencox Travel will assist with sourcing any alternative accommodation and medical care that’s required, but these expenses will be paid for by the guest.

If you plan on claiming on insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company immediately to understand their requirements and get approval on next steps. The insurance company may require you to take a PCR test and go through additional steps that may extend your isolation period.

In the case of a positive test, the Trip Leader and any crew are required to take a test. The Trip Leader may also request other guests who have been a close contact to take a RAT test, in order for the group to continue on the trip safely.

Our aim is that the trip continues wherever possible, unless local regulations require otherwise.

Caring for you

For all our trips, we have contracted a local back office support team that helps us to resolve emergency situations if they arise.

If you test positive, you will be connected with that service and they will work with you to manage your case until you test negative once more.

You will also be added to a group Whatsapp chat with our team, where you can ask questions and receive support.

When can the guest rejoin the group?

Once the guest tests negative by 2 consecutive RATS tests (12 hours apart) or by 1 PCR test, Fencox Travel will make the arrangements necessary for the guest to rejoin the group, as soon as logistically possible.

Travel insurance is mandatory for travelling with Fencox Travel and we encourage all guests to ensure that their policy includes COVID-19 medical and trip interruption coverages, and to understand the testing requirements of their policy.

It is at our discretion to move the guest to a new location if the circumstances warrant. Examples would include a lack of accommodation, available support staff, or local medical facilities. This would happen in separate transportation to the main group.

What if the trip is ending?

Once a trip is over, and a guest is still isolating, it is at the guest’s discretion to organise any changes to flights. If extra accommodation, transportation or services are needed, we will work with the guest to ensure these services are provided until the isolation period ends.

Mask Wearing

Even if testing negative to Covid, if you are showing any signs of a cold or flu, you will need to wear a mask while in enclosed spaces such as vehicles.

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